Neptunez Band


Neptunez was created in 2014 to provide a fusion of truly authentic local tunes with a global and golden touch by one talent scout Remmy Lubega with help of Rwagasana Enoch.The band was initially created on a seven  piece setup hence deriving name Neptunez  denoting music from another planet. Neptunez is positioned as an  urban professional live band that was missing in the Rwandan live music scene.The center piece of Neptunez is an instrument known  the saxophone.This instrument was introduced in the local music scene 20 years after the genocide against the Tutsi.It is instrumental to note that the genocide against the Tutsi dealt a great blow to the local music industry.Of particular concern was the loss of local saxophonists.Neptunez sought  to replenish the glaring gap.


Given its positioning in the local music industry  Neptunez Band seeks to provide a unique musical performance that elevates the ambience of your  live event.Through its 4 year journey we have provided some of the most memorable live performances in Rwanda cutting across our own shows , weddings, corporate events to mention but a few.In addition, we have worked tirelessly to develop a home grown jazz event brand known as the Kigali Jazz Junction (KJJ). Neptunez Band is a partner and official band to KJJ that has performed for the entire artistry that showcases at each of these events every end of month.

These artists include among others Liliane Mbabazi from Uganda ,Seyi Shay from NIgeria ,Isiah Katumwa from Uganda,Kidumu Kibido from Burundi,Irene Ntare from Uganda,Cindy Sanyu from Uganda, Patrick Nyamitari from Rwanda, Jules Sentore from  Rwanda, Masamba Intore from Rwanda,  Mani Martin from Rwanda,Bruce Melodie from Rwanda,Waje from Nigeria,Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe, Mbilia Bel from DRC,Slai from France  and Teta Diana from Rwanda